Client Success Stories

I am grateful to WorkBC because they helped me when I lost my job and was searching for employment. I am a person with a disability, and WorkBC provided me with assistance for acquiring much needed assistive technology to help in my job-search. In addition, I received assistance with resume and cover- letter writing as well as  job-search strategies,  job leads and encouragement on hard days. When I found a job, WorkBC helped me to acquire startup equipment. I thank WorkBC for all the support they have provided me in finding work and preparing to start. I look forward to starting my job, being successful and contributing to society. I am glad that WorkBC programs are here to support people who are searching for employment and improving the quality of their lives.

-S.W., Client

I came to Work BC as a Single Mother. I was previously homeless due to hardship. I had previous education but couldn’t gain employment in my field do to a lack of work experience. The team at Work BC was absolutely amazing ,I was guided through the process with support. When I was doubtful the team never gave up on me. I was matched with an local employer in the field that I went to school for. Went through the interview and gained a month’s experience before I was hired. I never thought I would be here writing this today. I would truly like to thank Pushpinder and Savion for giving me this opportunity. Now I can show my son that anything is possible.

J.S., Client

I had been unemployed for one month. My resume was outdated and I had no computer to apply for jobs. I wasn’t having any success on my own. At WorkBC, I was able to use the computers. I received bus tickets, new work clothes, interview practice questions and flyers for upcoming hiring fairs. I found employment within walking distance of my home. Also the job I have is union. I am very happy at my new job.

B., Client