Client Success Stories

*All names and identifying information have been changed to protect the privacy of our participants.

JB was working in a consumer-packaging goods company when he was laid off in 2019. Unfortunately following that, 3 months later COVID hit making it difficult for him to find work. When he was laid off, he received a package from the HR team which included information on support & services available for unemployed workers. One of the resources provided was information on connecting with WorkBC. After reviewing the material, JB sent an email to the WorkBC Centre in New Westminster & registered for services. He was invited to meet with an Intake Specialist to discuss his current situation and his future goals. Following his initial meeting, JB was referred to a Skills Enhancement Specialist and indicated a desire to start his own consulting business. Based on his discussion with the SES, he enrolled in the self-employment program at Douglas College.

In addition to being referred to the self-employment program, he received funding from WorkBC while attending the program to help with his living expenses. The funding supports made it possible for him to successfully complete the program. After completion of the program, he used additional WorkBC services such as the resource room & computers to help with marketing the business. Initially, he was challenged with marketing his skills, understanding how COVID was changing market demands & whether his business would fill a gap. The knowledge & networking opportunities he received from WorkBC & the self-employment program helped develop a network he used to springboard into the Vancouver marketplace & acquire his 1st project. He’s now navigating a number of large contracts and is excited to see his business grow.

“I encourage people to be open to exploring resources available to them. WorkBC helped me to achieve my call to action & was instrumental in connecting me with the self-employment program. It is with the support of WorkBC & the self-employment program that I was able to meet other grads & learn from their experiences. I am eternally grateful to all the fantastic people at WorkBC New Westminster & the Douglas College self-employment program for the resources & support given to me in helping me to launch my business & accomplishing what I have today.”

-J.B., client

JP immigrated to Canada in the early 2000’s via the Live-In Child Caregiver program, and had been working in various survival jobs to meet her growing family’s financial responsibilities since her arrival. She had a B Sc. from her home country, however she would have been required to go through Canadian credentialing in order to work in her field. As a mature worker, due to personal & financial constraints, she decided not to pursue that path. She had been working in housekeeping for the last 10 years and was ready to make a change.  After years of working in her job, she found that she was unable to perform some of the physically demanding duties required of her. JP reached to the WorkBC Centre in New Westminster for support in changing careers.

JP met with the Intake Specialist at WorkBC Centre New Westminster and discussed her challenges and ways in which she could move forward. Following her intake appointment, she was referred to a Skills Enhancement Specialist (SES) with whom she discussed her training plan and occupational target. After researching current and future employment demand for Education Assistants, JP identified it as a future career of interest. She felt it would enable her to transfer her existing skills and her former educational background. The SES agreed that many of her skills were transferrable and would be utilized in her new field as an EA. Her past experience involved working with children as she had been a Live-In Child Caregiver.

With the support JP received from the SES at WorkBC Centre New Westminster, she realized that the EA occupation would provide more stable and sustainable employment while meeting her current health needs.  Acquiring formal training would increase employment prospects and her ability to compete with other applicants. WorkBC provided financial support for training at a local community college and helped her acquire the EA certification. On completion of her training, she was hired as an EA with a school district in Greater Vancouver.

“I am so glad and grateful that I came for help to your office. You were so accommodating and understanding. You guided and help me all throughout. You are insightful as well, and know perfectly what you’re doing to help people like me to be able to get a right skill for employment. And, I’m so glad I chose this program, Education Assistant. I’m hired as soon as I finished the program. Thank God and Thank You, Ramouna!”

– J.P, Client

AV came to WorkBC Centre New Westminster after she was laid off her job in 2021. She was in search of a career change and with the support & encouragement of WorkBC staff, she created a plan for herself and is on her way to a successful future.

Katherine has been my Job Search Specialist (JSS) at WorkBC. She has been a fantastic support to me since the fall of 2021, when I was laid off from my job of 8 years, following a year of medical leave. I had been a Contact Centre Manager for over 15 years, so when my physician advised me that I needed to make a career change, it felt overwhelming. I have always been confident, but when faced with mapping out a new career path and starting over in something new I was afraid.

She set me up with several workshops, facilitated by Chris, which helped me to refine and refresh my resume and process for applying for jobs. The workshops also provided me some very clear documents to help me research new career paths. As someone who has a lot of experience recruiting & training, I did not think I would benefit from any of this, but I am so glad I did as it was all helpful. Katherine met with me regularly, always made time for me if I wanted to ask questions, or advice, and I felt she truly cared to help me.

“I was inspired to pursue studying to be a Career Development Professional, which I am looking into for the Spring cohort. In my opinion, what sets Katherine apart is how she authentically shared her experiences, struggles and tips, to help me feel that I am not alone in this journey. I can succeed in my own way, on my own time. The idea that our own life and career experiences can so greatly support and impact others in a positive way is what has made me interested in this new path. I am working as an Executive Assistant focused on Project Management, because I wanted to work part time for a while, before diving into school full time. Working with WorkBC has lifted my confidence, my spirits, and my trust in this process that everything will unfold as it is meant to. I am so grateful to my Job Search Specialist, and hope to be able to do the same for others someday! Thank you.”

– A.V., Client

I was laid off due to COVID 19 and was unemployed for almost 8 months. I couldn’t find any new job again because of COVID. I came into WorkBC because I needed help with my job search. The Intake Specialist met with me and discussed my interests & skills. I was interested in training as a Class 1 driver and was referred to Grace, the Skills Enhancement Specialist. I met with her and had to do some research to confirm that there were driving jobs available. She was extremely helpful and worked with me to access the financial support I needed to take the training.

“WorkBC provided me with the support to successfully complete my training and gain adequate experience in order to find the job that I have now. I am currently a bus driver working for Translink.”

– C., Client 

F.S. came to WorkBC Centre New Westminster after he was laid off from the music industry as a result of the pandemic. He had been working in the entertainment industry for 10 years as a set-up technician.  When the pandemic hit in 2020 he became unemployed, only working for a day or a week occasionally. Unable to find work in the entertainment industry, he started exploring his options for securing long-term employment in other industries. A friend told him about WorkBC and suggested that he get in touch with his local centre.

F.S walked into the WorkBC in New Westminster and applied for services. He identified the Construction sector and specifically Hoist Operator as a future career of interest as he would be able to transfer his existing skills. Following his intake, he was referred to a Job Search Specialist who guided him in researching the industry and the job prospects for a Hoist Operator. He identified Hoist Operator as in-demand occupation and acquiring formal training would increase his chances of employability and the ability to compete with other applicants. WorkBC provided financial support for training at a trade school & helped him acquire the Hoist Operator certification.

Following successful completion of the course, he applied to an employer who hired him through a WorkBC Wage Subsidy. The Wage Subsidy helped him to get his first job as a Hoist Operator by covering partial costs for the employer who was providing him with on-the-job training.  With the support of WorkBC Centre New Westminster, he is working full time as a Hoist Operator and feeling confident about his future prospects.

“I am so grateful to all the staff at the Centre who helped me along, especially Tara & Pushpinder. It is with their support that I’m now working full-time and things are looking up for me.”

-F.S., Client

I am grateful to WorkBC because they helped me when I lost my job and was searching for employment. I am a person with a disability, and WorkBC provided me with assistance for acquiring much needed assistive technology to help in my job-search. In addition, I received assistance with resume and cover- letter writing as well as  job-search strategies,  job leads and encouragement on hard days. When I found a job, WorkBC helped me to acquire startup equipment.

“I thank WorkBC for all the support they have provided me in finding work and preparing to start. I look forward to starting my job, being successful and contributing to society. I am glad that WorkBC programs are here to support people who are searching for employment and improving the quality of their lives.”

-S.W., Client

I came to Work BC as a Single Mother. I was previously homeless due to hardship. I had previous education but couldn’t gain employment in my field do to a lack of work experience. The team at Work BC was absolutely amazing ,I was guided through the process with support. When I was doubtful the team never gave up on me. I was matched with an local employer in the field that I went to school for. Went through the interview and gained a month’s experience before I was hired.

“I never thought I would be here writing this today. I would truly like to thank Pushpinder and Savion for giving me this opportunity. Now I can show my son that anything is possible.”

J.S., Client

“I had been unemployed for one month. My resume was outdated and I had no computer to apply for jobs. I wasn’t having any success on my own. At WorkBC, I was able to use the computers. I received bus tickets, new work clothes, interview practice questions and flyers for upcoming hiring fairs. I found employment within walking distance of my home. Also the job I have is union. I am very happy at my new job.”

B., Client